Can I change the date of my ticket?




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    Hola debido a la suspensión del viaje que tenia a ko lipe, necesito cambiar los pasajes, y asignar fecha al pendiente, ya que de Phi Phi me han trasladado a Krabi.
    Por ello necesito día pasajes de krabi a kolipe con fecha 8/1 Y regreso de ko lipe a krabi para el día 11 o 12/1 dependiendo los horarios

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    I kindly request the cancellation of the reservation of the trips by Ferry with the Booking Number: 609853 on January 17, 2019 from Krabi to Ko Phi Phi at 3:30 p.m. and from booking number: 173518 on January 20, 2019 at 12:30 p.m. from Ko Phi Phi to Krabi , because I could not reach Thailand on the scheduled date, because I suffered an attack with my passages and I had complications with the storm Pabuk. I tried in several different ways to embark in Thailand, but unfortunately to no avail. As it is a long trip (we are from Brazil), there is no longer the minimum condition to embark more in 2019, however, if cancellation is not possible, I request the possibility of remarking the date for the same period of 2020, where we can organize again and have the honor to know your country and be your customer.

    Thank you for understanding in the midst of this critical situation.

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    Hello, I need to change the date of my ferry to Railey from Koh Phi Phi on February 10 to February 11.  I accidentally scheduled my ferry out of Phi Phi on the same day I am arriving.  My confirmation # is jpk0p29c0st0.  My name is Trevor Beam.

    Thank You.

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    Boa tarde. Eu preciso mudar minha data de coleta no aeroporto e a balsa de Phuket para Ko Phi Phi para. Para o dia 5 de março de 2019. Minha reserva é 677036. Obrigado e aguardo seu retorno.

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